Dragon's Crater

Intimidating mountain ranges, frequent appearances of wraiths, specters, and ghosts, and a vague sense of dread and unease marks the land of the Dragon’s Crater. Legends about this place are as common as humans, and concrete facts as rare as the Tarrasque. Perhaps the most commonly spread legends are the following:

Gateway of Moräz – A strong sense of death permeates the Dragon’s Crater because it is a funnel for ended lives all along Alginar. In the midst of the nigh-impassable mountains lies a massive inland sea, swirling constantly in an idle whirlpool that funnels directly into Moräz’s realm, the Hereafter. Spirits of the dead slowly find their way to the bottom of this lake, where they begin a process of rebirth. Should a living being travel to the bottom of this vortex and live, it is said they may speak with the God of the Cycle himself.

End of Dragons – When the Dragon God perished, the Dragon’s Crater is where its divine body was laid to rest, which is how the land got its name. It is said that the mountains are his mighty bones, the lake inside what remains of her blood, and the sense of death is nothing more than the imprint of divine memory on the land. This legend means many Dragonborn and Dracolites make pilgrimages to the Crater to honor their slain father/mother.

Ritual of Dark Dreams – Death is not what clings to Dragon’s Crater like mist, it is fear. The land is the location of a powerful ritual that was set into motion by the Nightmares of the Shrouded Isle long ago, during their raid upon the rest of the land. The swirling lake is not the result of any magics, but the process of one, the binding nature of moving water used with the gathering nature of a vortex to collect enough energy to power a spell that will re-open the Dream Gates and bring terror to the lands once again.

Dragon's Crater

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